Kimono Weave's

Single Weave: Singe Weaves are generally your least expensive Gis, because they have the least amount of material. Single Weave is light and great to train in, especially in warmer climates.  The durability is less than what you get from the other weaves.  A Single weave is thinner which makes it a bit easier for  your partner to achieve firm grips, so not ideal for competition use.

Double Weaves: A Double weave is essentially two single weaves put together to make a double weave. The heavy material helps the Gi to be more durable, but not without the added weight.  Being that the Gi is thicker, it's more of a challenge for your opponent to get good grips.  Double weaves obviously hold in heat more due to their thickness and weight. Double weaves are good for everyday rolling because they can handle the stress.

Gold Weave: The Gold weave is a hybrid between the double and single weaves. It gives you the lightness of a single weave, but has the durability of a double.  This is one of the more popular weaves being used by many of the manufacturers.  This weave is epically good for competition as it will hold up under the stress, but will not weigh you down on the scales.

Platinum Weave: Gameness claims that the platinum weave gi is the highest grade gi weave that  is used in competition today. While that is true or not there is some positives to the Gi. It is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, so it will not shrink when washed like other gis. Platinum weave is a bit more stiff when compared to a pearl weave.

Rip Stop Gi: Rip Stop is a newer weave that allows for a super light weight, but unfortunately, it has been disqualified for use by most of the BJJ tourneys.  This is a great gi to train in when it’s hot, but very easy for your opponent to grip.  Rip Stop is used in Gi pants mostly.

Pearl weave: The Pearl weave allows for the lightest gi allowed in competition, but at the same time is extremely durable. A light weave allows air to pass through which will keep any roller cool.  Pearl weave is probably the most popular weave, which most companies offer at least one model in.

Honey Comb Weave: Honey comb weave is amongst the newer weaves used in BJJ gis today.   Due to it’s new nature, there is not much known about the weave at this time, but it seems to be durable and light.  Another good choice for competition rolling and most everyday use.  .

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